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An unpledged delegate refers to the unpledged status of a delegates ballot, the delegate being selected or elected by the state party of each party to attend the national convention of that party.

A delegate is unpledged when State law governing the selection or election of delegates permits a delegate to cast their ballot at the national convention for any candidate (not the just the one who won a district or the entire state) in their party.

State election laws of the several states (and they vary) may allow a delegate to be "unpledged" if:

1) The candidate that won the delegate in question has withdrawn from the election after the primary in that state was over.

2) No candidate at the national convention is able to obtain the required majority to confirm nomination on the 1st or 2nd round of balloting.

3) State laws, state party rules, and national convention rules vary on how many rounds of balloting must take place and what percentages constitute a non-majority before a delegate is "unpledged" and can vote for another candidate.

Check with your state's election laws, and your parties state and national convention rules as it applies to delgates to determine if you are legally pledged or unpledged delegate.

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Q: What is an unpledged delegate?
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