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The Feudal Society in the Middle Ages was characterised by land in exchange for service. A Lord would grant land to vassals in exchange for military service. The land in terms of Feudalism was called a Fief. This relation between the Lord and their Vassals formed the basis of the Feudal Society.

Before a person could be granted possession of land they first had to become a Vassal of their Lord. At a formal ceremony - The Commendation Ceremony, they would perform homage to their Lord; entering a contract to fight for their lord. The person would then take oaths of Fealty which reinforced the promise they had made in Homage.

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Typically the peasant would work the land for some kind of noble. the peasant would get an honest living, and theoretically enough to sustain himself. The noble got a huge poortion of what was produced and n some countries also got control over the peasants

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Q: What is feudal relationship mean?
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What privileges were granted to lords and vassals in a feudal relationship?

they were given land

What does not describe the relationship between nobles and vassals in the feudal system?


What happened if the feudal relationship with a lord and vassal was broken off?

In ancient times, the feudal relationship assisted the serfs in survival. Even though it was difficult and repressive, breaking off the relationship could cause starvation.

What does the word feudal superior mean?


A set of unwritten rules that determined the relationship between a lord and his vassal?

The relationship between lord and vassal was determined by rules of feudalism. The term, feudalism, is not very well defined, and there is no single set of laws describing it. But this is not because the laws were unwritten, so much as because they were not uniform.

What did vassals have to do with the church?

The relationship between a vassal and the church was the same as the relationship between any other secular person and the church. The vassal was part of the feudal hierarchy, and the church had a separate hierarchy.

Where did the feudal system exist?

feudal is the answer

What does an under-tenant mean in Norman England?

He was someone who was underneath the tenant in chief in the feudal system

What are feudal tenants?

Feudal tenants are the folks who rent betterments from a feudal landlord.

Who would most likely have said the following If you give me your loyalty I will give you land and protection?

This is a rough description of the "feudal" relationship between the King and lesser nobles.

What does meretricious relationship mean?

a superficial relationship

What does serf mean in history?

An agricultural laborer bound under the feudal system to work on his lord's estate.