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Intrageneratioal mobility refers to the social mobility within a single generation. By contrast intragenerational mobility refers to the changes in the occupations held by the people during the course of there lifetime or working careers.

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Q: What is intragenerational mobility?
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Which of these terms is synonymous with the concept of intragenerational mobility?

Vertical mobility

What are the four types of social mobility?

intergenerational mobility...structural mobility...intragenerational mobility

How does intragenerational mobility differ from intergeneratioal mobility?

Intergenerational mobility is that which compares your socio-economic status with that of your parents/previous family generations, whereas intragenerational mobility compares how your socio-economic status has changed over the course of your lifetime.

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What is the definition and history and structure of social mobility?

Social mobility refers to the movement of individuals or groups within a social hierarchy, often in terms of economic status or social class. Historically, social mobility has been limited by factors such as birthright, education, and economic opportunities. It can occur through intergenerational changes in status (intergenerational mobility) or within a person's lifetime (intragenerational mobility).

What is intra-generational family?

intragenerational family is a type of family wherein a child is living with his/her grandparents ..

What are two categories used to explain the basic cost of mobility?

mobility and non-mobility costs

Which type of mobility map is most common?

The themic mobility map is the most common

Is spatial mobility a barrier to social mobility?

Spatial mobility is the rate of moves or migrations made by a given population within a given time frame. Spatial mobility can be a barrier to social mobility because spatial mobility segregates and divides races of humans into segments causing division. Division among people in our social society causes segregation, therefore, spatial mobility is a barrier to social mobility.

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need and purpose of internal mobility

Discuss the mobility of factors of production?

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