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Q: What is it called when people in positions of authority misusing or abusing their power is an example of a?
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What qualifies an employee to be a middle level manager?

authority. management positions come with authority. if you can exercise authority and make decisions then you are technically considered a manager. i just learned this my self. for example, if you have the authority to exercise performance review of staff and make decisions on who gets how much increase in pay, you are exercising authority. another example is if you are working with a vendor and you decide on behalf of the company that this vendor should be replaced with a different vendor, again, you have exercised management authority.

Frostbite would be an example of what kind of harmful effect?

Frostbite would be an example of a harmful effect of being in the cold for to long or misusing a product that can create freezing or below temperatures.

What is an example of how the monglos discrimminated against the Chinese?

One example of discrimination by the Mongols against the Chinese was the imposition of heavy taxes and tribute on the Chinese population, which placed a significant financial burden on them. Additionally, the Mongols often favored their own ethnic group for positions of power and authority, leading to a systematic exclusion of the Chinese from positions of leadership and influence.

What Congress voting to override a President's veto is an example of which concept?

The concept of "checks and balances" prevents one branch of government from gaining too much control, or abusing its authority. Both houses of Congress must have a 2/3 vote to override the veto.

What is an example of governance?

An example of government is when the state has the authority and excersisde

What is an example of Discretionary authority?


What does it mean to be under authority?

it means that if you are under authority, someone has more power over you for example a teacher has authority over his/her pupils.

What is hierarchichal?

Hierarchical refers to a system or organization that is structured in levels or tiers, with each level having authority over the level below it. It means that there is a clear chain of command or decision-making authority, where higher-level individuals or positions have more power or control than lower-level individuals or positions. Hierarchical structures are common in many organizations, such as businesses, governments, and military.

What is having to do all the work is an example of an disadvantage or advantage of society of authority?

disadvantage of society of authority

How do you find out what the different positions are of a certain sport?

for example if you wanted to know about soccer, you would go to google and search soccer positions

What is example of traditional authority?

It is the most common basis for authority. Traditional authority is based on custom. Traditional authority is mostly found in trible groups. In these societies, customs dictate basic relationships. An example: birth into a particular family in a tribe can make the individual a cheif, king or queen. Another example is a parents authority over their child. This is considered traditional authority because parents have always had authority over their children. Exampls of this are, ways of diciplining children, choosing their doctors and schools, and teaching morality and religion.

What is the best definition of cite?

To quote as an authority or example.