What is lava flow?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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It's the molten rock that comes out of volcanoes when they erupt and that streams downhill while it's still so hot that it is liquid.

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Q: What is lava flow?
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What is the density independent of lava flow?

the lava flow is a density independent that flow good from the chemicals lava it have to flow and it is independent

Is there a difference between lava and lava flow?

Lava is molten rock at earth's surface, whether it is in a lava flow, a lava pool, or a lava dome. A lava flow is lava that is actively flowing downhill.

Is dike a type of lava flow?

No, a dike is not a type of Lava flow.

What is the name of how lava flows?

Lava flow

What is lava flow made out of?

A lava flow consists of extremely hot molten rock.

What type of lava does Arenal have?

blocky lava flow

What is a river of hot lava called?

Lava flow.

Does it spew lava or ash or flow?

A volcano will spew lava.

Area that is covered by lava as it pours out of a vent?

lava flow

Is lava deposition?

No. A lava flow is considered an extrusive feature.

What is the difference between lava flow lava fountains and lava tubes?

A lava flow is basically a stream of lava on the surface. A lava tube is an underground cave through which lava flows downhill. A lava fountain is lava shooting into the air out of a volcano in much the same manner as a water fountain.

Is aa lava explosive lava?

No. A lava flow usually indicates an eruption that is not explosive.