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a loose constitutionalist is someone who "reads between the lines" of the Constitution. Alexander Hamilton used this tactic when he was trying to pass the National Bank through Congress. He called upon the "necessary and proper clause", saying the bank fit under this category, and therefore was Constitutional. Jefferson argued that the clause was too vague, and therefore Hamilton could not use that argument to further his cause. It passed anyway, with Washington's voice of approval.

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Q: What is loose constitutionalist?
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What is the difference between a Republican and a constitutionalist?

It depends... In modern America, a republican usually just means someone who is a member of, or supports, or tends to support, the Republican party, whereas a constitutionalist believes there is some straightforward interpretation of the Constitution that should limit the policy choices of whoever is in power, Democrat or Republican, and will tend to support candidates who share this view. In this view, Republicans can vary widely in views, as long as they are closer to those of the Republican than Democratic party, whereas constitutionalists will vary by how they interpret various parts of the Constitution (are armed private citizens necessarily a "well-regulated militia") as well as weighing the various parts. In general, a Republican will desire a larger role for business in society, a stricter interpretation of the role of the military, more conservative social values, and a larger place for the legal system for enforcing limits on social behavior, whereas a constitutionalist need have no particular views on the place of large business, and may or may not advocate for a wider realm of personal freedom (the "pursuit of happiness"). A case can also be made that the above is a capital-R Republican, and a small-r republican believes in the principle of a republic, that is, electing skilled, competent leaders and trusting their policy decisions, as opposed to a small-d democrat, who believes in direct public participation in government. In these terms, the difference would have to do with how much power the government has to interpret the legal structure of law as defined by the Constitution in the interest of efficiency (i.e. a republican may support a immediate executive action were the country moving towards war, while a constitutionalist would insist that only Congress have the power to declare war, for example) In other countries, and at different times in history, both terms meant different things, and were associated with different values.

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Which political party favored a loose interpretation of the Constitution?

The party that believed in loose interpretation of the constitution and strong ties with Great Britain was the Federalist Party, which only birthed one president, John Adams. Presently, loose interpretation has been recognized with the Democratic Party.

What was Alexander Hamilton's loose interpretation of the constitution based on?


Who favored loose construction?

Alexander Hamilton is an example of an early politician who believed in loose construction in terms of the U.S. Constitution. Hamilton was America's 1st Secretary of the Treasury.

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In a loose constructionist perspective how is the constitution viewed?

In a loose view, constitutionalist perspective means that you have the right to challenge the government. With a loose view, you feel that laws have been passed to prevent wars between the states.

When was Constitutionalist Liberal Party created?

Constitutionalist Liberal Party was created in 1968.

When was Progressive Constitutionalist Party created?

Progressive Constitutionalist Party was created in 1910.

When did Progressive Constitutionalist Party end?

Progressive Constitutionalist Party ended in 1929.

When was Constitutionalist Party of Iran created?

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When did John Hooker - English constitutionalist - die?

John Hooker - English constitutionalist - died in 1601.

What has the author Constitutionalist written?

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Do constitutionalists support stem cell research?

The constitution does not limit such activity - so a constitutionalist could certainly/potentially support stem cell research. Although, as a whole, being a constitutionalist would probably have little to do with this decision.

Was Cicero a emperor?

No, but he was a Romanphilosopher, statesman, lawyer, orator, political theorist, Roman consul and constitutionalist

How many political parties are in the States?

Several, there are the Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, Green, Constitutionalist, and many, many smaller parties.

What are some political parties?

Republican party, democratic party, communist party, green party, constitutionalist party, etc.

Was cicero a king?

no, cicero was not a king. however he was a lawyer, politician, philosopher, theoist, a cunsul and constitutionalist. He was well known for his speeches and stuff.