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Q: What is one of the seven numbered sections of the constitution?
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How many sections are in article 2 of the constitution?

There are seven articles yet 21 sections

What is the probability of picking an odd numbered house in a street with houses numbered from one to seven?


What sections of criminal law are there?

If one is interested in criminal law, there are many different sections. It is divided into two parts. Part one had seven sections. There are thirteen sections in total.

How many sections does article one have?

The Constitution is divided into 7 major sections which are called Articles and each article is divided into various sections.

How has every amendment to the constitution been ratified?

The laws were made before. then they numbered it. they never did one because they didn't want one in the constitution. Every amendment except one was added to the Constitution by two-thirds vote approval by the House of Representatives and the Senate

What are the slide positions for the song 76 trombones?

Slide positions are not lettered, but numbered, one through seven.

In the dance swan song what are the seven sections called?

One of them is Rooster.I dont know the others

How many amendemens does the Constitution have?

the constitution has 27 amendments since our founding fathers made the constitution

What is the difference between numbered text and outline numbered text in terms of their use in an existing word processing document?

A numbered list has only one level. An outline list has multiple nested levels to support outlining.

What is the law making body of the US Constitution?

The Constitution breaks the government into three sections. They are the Executive Branch, the Judicial Branch and the Legislative Branch. The legislature is authorized to create and pass laws.

The first article of the constitution places limits on the states.Name one?

Article One of the United States Constitution prohibits states from making treaties. Article One outlines the legislative branch, and contains 10 sections.

How many constitutions has Virginia had?

The state of Virginia has had seven constitutions, and that includes the one adopted in 1971, which is the current constitution.