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Latitude: -13.5833

13° 34' 59" S

13 degrees, 34 minutes, 59 seconds South Longitude:-172.3333

172° 19' 59" W

172 degrees, 19 minutes, 59 seconds West

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Q: What is theLogitude and latitude of Samoa?
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What is latitude of Samoa Islands?

69 degrees latitude

What is the latitude and longitude of Samoa?

The latitude and longitude of Samoa are approximately 13.7590° S, 172.1046° W.

Where is American Samoa located using only latitude?

The latitude and longitude of American Samoa is:14° 19' 59" S / 170° 0' 0" W

What is the absolute location of Samoa?

The absolute location of Samoa is latitude -14.3073983 (degrees), longitude -170.7048084 (degrees).

What was the latitude and longitude of the Samoa earthquake?

15.509 s, 172.034 w

Is Samoa near the Equator?

Yes, Samoa is located south of the Equator in the South Pacific Ocean. It lies between 13 and 14 degrees south latitude.

What is the latitude longitude of Samoa?

The east end of Runway-26 at Faleolo International Airport is located at 13.8299° south latitude 171.9946° west longitude. Other points on and around the islands have different coordinates.

What is the latitude and longitude of figi Samoa?

I was not able to find a place called "Figi" anywhere among the islands of Samoa. The following information refers to "Fiji". The east end of Runway-28 at Nausori International Airport ("Luvuluvu"), near Suva on the southeast coast of Viti Levu, is located at 18.0460° south latitude 178.5673° east longitude.

Is American Samoa located in latitude or longitude what is it near?

American Samoa is located in the southern hemisphere and near the equator, closer to the Tropic of Capricorn. It is situated in the Pacific Ocean, east of the International Date Line, and its coordinates range from approximately 11 to 14 degrees south latitude and 169 to 172 degrees west longitude.

Epidemic when did it happened in Samoa?

when did epidemic influenza start in samoa how did it happen in samoa? why did it affected the people of samoa? the reference in samoa?

Why is Samoa called Samoa?

it is called western Samoa because Samoa is divided into two parts, American Samoa and western Samoa. After colonialism came to Samoa, America took control of Eastern Samoa which adapted the name "American Samoa". While Germany (and later NZ) took control of Western Samoa, who then took on the name "Western Samoa". No called SAMOA. The nation dropped the "western" in 1997.

In 1881 Samoa was divided into?

American Samoa and Western Samoa (now known as Samoa).