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The UK is a Constutional Monarchy. There is universal suffrage (the vote) for all over 18. Currently we have a Labour Government, (Ummm I'll say no more on that subject !) & Gordon Brown is the PM.

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Constitutional monarchy

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Q: What is the United Kingdoms form of government?
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Who united all the kingdoms together?

The Government

Why a strong navy and a large fleet of trading ships have been an important part of united kingdoms history?

its form of government

Which king conquered and united several smaller kingdoms to form Mali?

Sundiata conquered and united several smaller kingdoms to form Mali.

How does the united kingdoms government influence the economy?


What kingdoms were united to form Great Britain?

England and Scotland.

How was the postwar government of the united kingdoms different from that of east Germany?

The United Kingdom, a NATO country, had a democratic government. East Germany, a member of the Warsaw Pact, had a communist government.

What was the main type of government during the dark ages?

Kingdoms were the form of government during the Middle Ages

When was United Kingdoms created?

United Kingdoms was created in 1993-08.

When did our first form of government begin to govern the united states?

Our first form of government began to govern the United States in 1787.

The united States has what form of government?

The United States government is a democratic republic.

Two smaller kingdoms that were united by King Ferdinand and queen isabella?

In 1469, the kingdoms of Castile and Aragon were united by the marriage of Isabella and Ferdinand. Although the kingdoms were united, they remained largely independent.

Which kingdoms were united to form Great Britain?

None. Great Britain is an island, so it is a physical entity, not a political one. The island existed long before any kingdoms were created, so no kingdoms united to create it. On it are the three countries: England, Scotland and Wales. They, along with Northern Ireland, form the United Kingdom, but Northern Ireland is on the island of Ireland, so it is not part of Great Britain.....The Kingdoms of Scotland and England joined together in 1603 to form the United Kingdom of Great Britain. In 1801, Ireland was incorporated to form the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland. In 1922, 26 counties of Ireland became independent and called themselves Eire (now the Republic of Ireland). Since then, the country has been known at the United Nations as 'The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland'.