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It is the rights embodied in the Constitution and that these rights cannot be changed or repelled by Congress through legislation.

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Q: What is the constitutional rights?
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Should gay people receive constitutional rights?

Gays already have constitutional rights. They are fighting for equal rights.

When was Center for Constitutional Rights created?

Center for Constitutional Rights was created in 1966-07.

What are the rights of citizens called?

Constitutional rights are your rights as a citizen.

Rights protected by the constitution are called?

Constitutional rights.

What are rights guaranteed to citizens called?

Constitutional rights

Describe the procedural safeguards that protect American constitutional rights?

describe the procedural safeguards that protect American constitutional rights?

Is the british Bill of Rights a constitutional Bill of Rights?


What is the definition for the term constitutional rights?

A strict definition of constitutional rights are those rights of an individual within a society that are protected by the society as a whole on behalf of all of its citizens.

What do we call the constitutional amendment that protect the rights of the individual?

Bill of Rights

What are synonyms of bill of rights?

Constitutional Amendments

What are the classifications of constitutional rights in the Philippines?


Are constitutional rights limited at a private school?