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The crime of encouraging rebellion is called sedition, in many cases the ones accused of encouraging rebellion were jailed, in some cases beheaded or put on death row.

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Q: What is the crime of encouraging rebellion against the government?
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Means an act of inciting rebellion against a government?

It is called treason, a major crime and could face death for it.

Federal job with misdemeanor?

Having a criminal record does not automatically eliminate you from securing a job with the Federal government. The type of crime is taken into consideration. Of course, you will not qualify for a federal position if your crime involves treason or rebellion against the United States.

What is social crime?

social crime is going against the laws of normality like e.g.: beating someone up A rebellion is another eg

What crime did the Romans and the Jews believe Jesus was guilty of committing?

Jesus was executed for insurrection (rebellion) against the Roman rule.

What law made it a crime to write anything against the US govt?

There is no law which makes it a crime to write anything against the US Government. There are laws which make it a crime to direct threats against government officials. There are state laws which make it illegal to write false statements about an individual, but these are civil laws.

Why was Jose Rizal arrested in Singapore?

Jose Rizal was never arrested in Singapore, but instead by the colonial Spanish government for the crime of rebellion

What crime did Barabbas in the Bible commit?

His crime is now what is known as today: terrorism.

What is a pardon for a wrong done against a government?

Amnesty is a pardon for wrongdoing against a government. For example, amnesty may be granted for the crime of illegal immigration into the country.

Who said this In monarchies the crime of treason and rebellion may admit of being pardoned or lightly punished but the man who dares rebel against the laws of a republic ought to suffer death?

Samuel Adams (At Shay's Rebellion)

Can you give me a sentence using the word corruption?

Corruption in the government is a crime against all of us.

What measures can be taken by gavernments to stop cybercrime?

How is the government protecting people against cyber crime?

What are suits called when there is a crime against the government?

Unable to figure out what is being asked. The word "suit" refers to a civil suit. However a CRIME committed against a government entity is always considered a CRIMINAL matter not a civil matter, therefore there would be no suit involved.