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Cultural attributtes are distinct geographical areas or properties uniquely representing the combined work of nature and of man.

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Q: What is the definiton of cultural attributes?
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What is the definiton of cultural barriers?

Its when there are two cultures and someone puts a wall or a fence in between them.

Define Cultural attributes?

Cultural attributes are defined as the specific traits or features that are associated with the way of life of a particular group of people. These attributes are the ones that make each culture to be unique.

WHAT are some of the cultural attributes of the people of Ecuador?

they are nice

Example of culture diversity?

diversity-n1. the state or quality of being different or varied2. a point of differencecultural-adj1. of or relating to artistic or social pursuits or events considered to be valuable or enlightened2. of or relating to a culture or civilization3. (of certain varieties of plant) obtained by specialized breeding

What are the 3 cultural attributes of the pacific northwest?

grunge music in the 1990's

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What is the Australian Cultural Conception of self results in children?

Developing an independent view of the self and defining themselves in terms personal attributes.

What is definiton?

A definiton is a brief precise statement of what a word or expression means, e.g. in a dictionary sometheing to explain !

What is the definition of cultural attributes?

They are specific types of beliefs, values, behaviors, symbols they use and accept, language, and over all, a way of life.