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Q: What is the fall of Atlanta?
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What film about the fall of Atlanta won an Oscar?

Gone With the Wind was about a woman who lived during and after the Fall of Atlanta.

Which military event was directly related to President Lincoln's reelection in 1864?

fall of atlanta

What year did atlanta fall to the Union?


Was it true that the fall of the confederate city of atlanta began a series of devastating losses in the south that had a serious effect on the civilian population?

The fall of the confederate city of Atlanta had devastating losses and a horrific effect on the civilian population of Atlanta. The union states did not however think that Atlanta had great military significance and this was not an intended outcome.

What state is Atlanta in what state is Atlanta in?

Atlanta is in state of Georgia. I personally love this city a lot.There is full of energy in this city which force you to fall in love with this city.There are lots of places to visit in Atlanta specially all the hotels in Atlanta are just awesome.You can check it out here.

Importnace of Atlanta campaign?

The fall of Atlanta improved Lincoln's chances of re-election, and gave Sherman the credibility to sell Grant his new idea of the March to the Sea.

What were important events in the fall of Atlanta in the US Civil War?

The important events of the fall of Atlanta can be summarized as the following: * the capture of Atlanta gave Lincoln a much better chance of being reelected in the 1864 presidential race; * With Atlanta in the hands of General Sherman, he was able to cut various railway links to other parts of the South; * the city of Atlanta was deemed by its citizens as a "safe" place in terms of battles, its capture was a psychological blow to the South; and * with Atlanta in the hands of Union general Sherman, he was able to create a strategy for "marching to the sea" and capturing the seaport of Savannah Georgia.

Was the Battle of Atlanta worth it?

The Battle of Atlanta and its capture by Union general Sherman was a vital victory. Many historians cite these factors as to why the fall of Atlanta was necessary: A. It knocked out an important railway hub of the Confederacy; B. The timing was essential as Lincoln's "poll" numbers were falling and many people began to believe the horrible cost to this war was not worth it. The fall of Atlanta silenced many anti war critics in the North; and C. From Atlanta, Sherman was able to march to Savannah and capture this Confederate port city.

What event in American History was the movie Gone With the Wind about?

The American Civil War, especially emphasizes the fall of Atlanta

What was the intention of Confederate General John Bell Hood after the fall of Atlanta?

After the fall of Atlanta to the Union forces of General William T. Sherman, Confederate General John Bell Hood planned an ambitious march into Tennessee. His plan was to recapture Middle Tennessee.This area was under Union control in 1864.

Did Sherman's army march through Georgia to the sea to capture Atlanta?

No. Remember "...from Atlanta to the sea"? It was after the fall of Atlanta that he devised the plan. At the end of it, he would capture Savannah. But the real aim was to wreck the Southern economy, destroy civilian morale, and starve the Confederate armies in the field.

When did Frank Mundy die?

Frank Mundy died on May 15, 2009, in Atlanta, Georgia, USA of complications from a fall.