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1. Only the Senate may validate and/or approve the signature/rejection of treaties.

2. The Senate is responsible for Impeachment Trials, once a bill of Impeachment is passed by the House.

3. The Senate must also give its consent in order for the country to legally declare war (ie: the House alone can't do it).

4. The Senate must confirm all Cabinet, Supreme Court, and Federal Court appointments, as well as all Ambassadorships. Andrew Johnson's placement of a cabinet-member who had been rejected by the Senate, at the time, was the direct cause of his own impeachment.

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The function of a United States senator is to present and vote for legislation. A senator works in conjunction with the US House of Representatives to pass laws for the good of the people.

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The Senate serves as a "check and balance". It ratifies treaties, tries impeachments, and elects the vice presidents when necessary.

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it is matals

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Q: What is the function of a senator?
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A senator sits in the governmental group that creates and works for approval of treaties with foreign nations, approves or denies major appointments of the President, and votes to approve or deny passing of bills to become new laws or changes to existing laws.

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What is a senator pedarius?

A Senator Predarius in the times of ancient Rome was a Senator who cannot vote. This Senator was recognized by his white robes.

What is another word for a newly elected Senator?

A senator is a senator-elect until he is sworn in (normally in January following an election). A senator newly elected is called a freshman senator.

How do you spell senator in the plural or possessive form?

The singular is senator and the possessive is senator's (one senator).The plural is senators and the plural possessive is senators' (referring to more than one senator).