What is the gender?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The gender of a person is their sex - whether they are male or female, boy or girl.

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Q: What is the gender?
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What is the gender of 'tree'?

All English nouns are of common gender.

What is the feminine gender of gender?

Gender is genderless (in English) and as a reference to the sex of a person.

What is the opposite gender of doctor?

Doctor is a neuter gender

What is opposite gender of gender?

The antonym of the noun 'gender' is genderlessness, a word for the state of having no gender.

What are some more examples of gender nouns?

Examples of gender nouns for males:fathersonunclebrothermankingmanboarbuckbullramroosterExamples of gender nouns for females:motherdaughterauntsisterwomanqueensowdoecowewehenExamples of common gender nouns:parentchildrelativesiblingpersonneighborfriendbirddeersheephorsecatExamples of neuter gender nouns:anchorballchairdooreducationfacegearharpicejokekitelunch

What are the 8 gender of noun and its meaning?

English uses gender specific nouns for male, female, common gender (words that can be a male or a female), and neuter nouns (words for things that have no gender). Some examples are:Male gender: father, male parent.Female gender: mother, female parent.Common gender: parent.Neuter gender: relationship.Male gender: bull, adult male bovine.Female gender: cow, adult female bovine.Common gender: cattle, oxen, bison, and buffalo; types of bovine.Neuter gender: hamburger.

What is the gender of florist and its opposite gender?

In English the noun 'florist' is a gender-neutral occupational noun (a common gender noun).

What is the gender of stepfather?

The gender of a stepfather can be either male or female, depending on the individual's gender identity.

What is the difference between common gender and neuter gender in English grammar?

A common gender noun is a word for a person or animal that can be either male or female; for example:common gender: person (gender nouns male or female, mother or father, man or worman)common gender: horse (gender nouns stallion or mare)common gender: pig (gender nouns boar or sow)General common gender nouns for people or animals that have no male or female noun are:partnerdoctorteacherteamherdflockNeuter gender nouns are words for things that have no gender; examples are:housechairskycarshoesfrost

What is the gender of the element Zinc?

What do you mean by the term "gender"? Elements are not classed by "gender".

Can you not be in a gender?

God created us with a gender so we all have a type of gender.

What is the opposite gender of clot?

Clot is not gender specific.