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Q: What is the importance of a citizen?
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What is the importance of a passport?

it could tell who you are or if you a citizen

Why state is importance to citizens?

Because you can only be a citizen of a body such as a country, state or town.

What is the importance's of the bill of rights?

the bill of right is what the citizen are entiltle to do freely, free to speak their mind and write about it. Also protect citizen from religion discremination, and to bear arms

What is the importance of being a good citizen?

Being a good citizen is important because it contributes to the well-being of society as a whole. Good citizens uphold laws, participate in the democratic process, respect diversity, and contribute positively to their communities. By being a good citizen, individuals help create a harmonious and functioning society.

What is the possessive form for citizen?

The possessive form for "citizen" is "citizen's."

The importance of Internet?

Spreading information incredibly quick. Oppressive governments can't turn it off when citizen's are protesting the current administration. Organizations such as Wikileaks has a platform to reveal truth to the world.

What has the author Osborne A Myers written?

Osborne A. Myers has written: 'Questions national and of national importance to every American citizen, with reference to questions municipal' -- subject(s): Miscellanea, Economics

Can you wear citizen clothes in chobots as a non citizen?

no u have to be a citizen to get citizen cloths

Why did the Romans use the cross for executions?

Crucifixion is a particularly painful and gruesome method of execution -- the pain continues over an extended time. It was intended to terrorize and dissuade those who saw it from engaging in the same behavior.

What is the importance of the president being born in the US?

The President is required to be a natural-born citizen because there is more of love for the country in that person also that person is more likely to not bomb or attack the country

What actors and actresses appeared in Dear Mr Cameron - 2012?

The cast of Dear Mr Cameron - 2012 includes: Alex Bedward as Citizen Ben Bessent as Citizen Alfie Black as Citizen Shomari Brown as Citizen Tyreeq Brown as Student Maylee Fraser as Citizen Dave Frost as Citizen Ceejay Jepson as Citizen Adele Keating as Citizen Adam Njenga as Citizen Raynelah Osborne as Citizen Wayne Ross as Citizen Zai Swan as Citizen Joseph Teague as Citizen

If a US citizen fathers a child with a non citizen does the non citizen become a citizen?

No, just the child.