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International humanitarian aid is one of the few situations in which the technological, human and financial resources of diverse countries are equalized. Practically any country may help another with humanitarian aid operations and resources and it has happened that powerful nations, in a moment of need after a disaster, have received help from nations they considered previously as too small or poor.

It is also when mankind goes beyond beliefs and politics and helps other communities seeing them as just fellow human beings in suffering and need.

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Q: What is the importance of international humanitarian aid?
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What is disaster aid?

Disaster aid refers to assistance provided by governments, organizations, or individuals to help individuals or communities affected by a natural or man-made disaster. This aid can include resources such as food, shelter, medical supplies, and financial support to help affected populations recover and rebuild after a catastrophe.

What is one of the United Nations' primary goals?

Answer this question... To prevent countries from going to war with one another

What is humanitarian aid used for where aid is concerned?

Humanitarian aid is the providing of assistance and supplies. Humanitarian aid is usually found in man-made and natural disasters, and aims to save lives and alleviate suffering.

Who coordinates international humanitarian aid?

As there are many sources for international humanitarian aid, there are also diverse coordination efforts. Usually, the coordination of a particular humanitarian aid target area is coordinated by the local government who has or creates a command center for such operations in its territory. It exists the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) from the United Nations which may assist in the coordination or coordinate itself diverse efforts or agencies in diverse scenarios but it is not compulsory to humanitarian agencies to subordinate to OCHA, and most humanitarian operations at small and large scale are self-coordinated and locally coordinated. Some organizations as OXFAM or the International Committee of the Red Cross, use their own protocols and they may keep a contact with the OCHA but not a subordination. Other organizations as Worldwide Disaster Aid or UNNET may have a different way to assist in humanitarian crisis and therefore they coordinate directly with local authorities. Even if there is not a centralized coordination of international humanitarian aid, there is usually full cooperation and communication between the organizations and governments providing such assistance, allowing for good operational results.

What is the motto of Humanitarian Accountability Partnership International?

Humanitarian Accountability Partnership International's motto is '"making humanitarian action accountable to beneficiaries"'.

When was Humanitarian Accountability Partnership International created?

Humanitarian Accountability Partnership International was created in 2003.

When was International Institute of Humanitarian Law created?

International Institute of Humanitarian Law was created in 1970.

What kind of help does DARA International offer?

Dara International oversees humanitarian aid organizations in over 40 countries around the world. They help improve the effectiveness of the aid these countries receive from various organizations. They also monitor global climate change.

Are there possible effects of humanitarian aid?


When was Geneva International Centre for Humanitarian Demining created?

Geneva International Centre for Humanitarian Demining was created in 1998.

The is responsible for handling U.S. foreign aid programs.?

The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) is responsible for handling U.S. foreign aid programs. USAID works to provide economic development and humanitarian assistance to countries around the world.

Where can you find a humanitarian organization in Accra?

You can find a humanitarian organization in Accra town itself. There are a number of humanitarian organizations in Accra. Some of them include Humanitarian Aid Foundation and the United NationÕs World Food Programme.