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Phillipsburg, NJ (by population) and Hardwick Township, NJ (by area)

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Q: What is the largest city in warren county NJ?
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Somerset County, PA was formed in 1795 when George Washington was president. Somerset County , NJ was created long before there were US president.

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Where is phillipsburg NJ?

Phillipsburg, New Jersey is in Warren County, NJ. It's on the border of Easton, Pennsylvania and it's the largest town in the county.

What County is Phillipsburg NJ in?

Warren County

How many square miles is warren county?

Warren County, NJ is 362.9 mi²

Atlantic City is in what county?

Atlantic City is in Atlantic County, NJ

Where is the Warren County Cultural Heritag in Oxford New Jersey located?

The address of the Warren County Cultural Heritag is: 8 Belvidere Ave, Oxford, NJ 07863

What county is Jersey City NJ in?

Jersey City, New Jersey is in Hudson County.

Where is the Washington Historical Society Of Warren County Inc in Washington New Jersey located?

The address of the Washington Historical Society Of Warren County Inc is: 110 Sunrise Terrace, Washington, NJ 07882-1618

Largest city in square miles NJ?


ARE there any famous people from Warren county NJ?

Jayne Mansfield spent her early years in Phillipsburg. Her dad was an attorney there.

Where is the Warren County Emergency Services And 911 Memorial Inc in Washington New Jersey located?

The address of the Warren County Emergency Services And 911 Memorial Inc is: 1024 Route 57, Washington, NJ 07882-3539

What is any city beginning with the letter E?

Elizabeth, the 4th largest city in NJ

Is morrisville new jersey a city?

No, Morrisville, NJ is not considered a city. It is located in Camden County in southern NJ and is recognized as a community, but does not have a zip code and is not incorporated. Morristown in northern NJ is a city and Morrisville, PA is a borough.