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Municipal Courts and Justices of the Peace have the lowest levels of jurisdiction in the Texas state court system. If you had to pick one, probably Municipal Courts are the "lowest."

Municipal Courts in Texas are courts that have limited jurisdiction over certain civil and criminal matters that occur within a municipal area (ie, a city or town). Municipal courts have exclusive jurisdiction over most violations of municipal ordinances. They may also hear preliminary felony hearings, and share jurisdiction over misdemeanors with Justices of the Peace. In civil matters, the jurisdiction of Municipal Courts is generally limited to cases involving dangerous dogs.

For a directory of Municipal Courts, Justices of the Peace, and other state trial courts, visit the Texas Courts Guide related link.

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The lowest tier of the Texas judicial system is the local trial courts of limited jurisdiction. It usually handles the cases of minor consequence.

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The 94 US District Courts

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Q: What is the lowest tier of the Texas judicial system?
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