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with a nice fat belly from all the bribes he's taken

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Q: What is the meaning of Shakespeares term good capon lined?
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A good capon lin'd mean?

Capon Lined: Type of chicken meat. In fair round belly with good capon lined= Big round belly full of meat.

What are the metaphor in the seven ages of man?

"the bubble reputation", "the cannon's mouth", "with good capon lin'd".

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Are the guys lined in blue good or bad In assassins creed revelations?

They are good people

Why weren't women allowed to play the parts in William shakespeares plays?

good question. i lack knowledge to know though...

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Who were the famous actors who preformed in Shakespeare's plays?

Shakespeares plays where preformed by very famous and good actors in the globe theatre. -elz-

Are cashmere lined gloves ideal for winter activities such as snowboarding?

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What are examples of assonance in the seven ages of man?

Probably the best one is "lined, with eyes". It is difficult, because to do it properly you should listen to the speech done in the kind of accent they had back then, which sounds a bit like the Somerset accent we associate with pirates. There is such a reading of the speech available at the site If you listen, you will find that although you might think that the word "severe" which follows "eyes" is an assonance, it actually isn't, because it sounds like "with good capon loined, with oyes sevair . . ."

What did shakespeare mean in his poem All the world's a Stage when he said with good capon lin'd?

The seven ages of man is not a poem. It's a speech given by the character Jaques in Act 2 the play As You Like It. The Duke has just pointed out that "This wide and universal theatre presents more woeful pageants than the scene wherein we play in." or in other words, there are people worse off than we are. Jaques fastens on the "wide and universal theatre" image and says that everyone is playing a part, and the parts are pretty much the same for everyone and lead toward a sad end. In the process he uses a lot of similes and some metaphors. "Fair round belly with good capon lined" is a metaphor--you don't actually line the inside of your belly like you would a coat, but you do fill the inside with food, like capons (castrated roosters).

How does shakespeare indicate that the justice is properous?

He's fat. His belly is lined with good capons (castrated chickens).