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there is a lot to learn from a good exaple

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Q: What is the meaning of There are many good moccasin tracks along the trail of a straight arrow?
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Is sprinter run along the tracks is rectilinear motion?

Yes, a sprinter running along a straight track exhibits rectilinear motion because their motion occurs in a straight line along the track without any deviation.

What is the term meaning movement of a figure along a straight line?

you guys dont know me eitherA translationTranslationA translation is movement of a figure to a new position along a straight line.

Are take along Thomas tracks the same width as Thomas wooden tracks?

No they aren't. They both run on different tracks because of this :-)

Why do people walk on the train tracks?

People walk on train tracks for different reasons. Some people walk on tracks because it's a shorter distance to get where they are going. Some people may walk on train tracks because they enjoy the quietness of the paths that the train runs along. We used to walk the tracks when I was a teenager because we picked the raspberries that grew along the train path.

Do take along trains fit trackmaster track?

Thomas the Train Take and Play (formerly called Take Along) trains do not fit Trackmaster tracks. They also don't fit the wooden tracks. They have the narrowest wheel base and so far, I've found that they only fit the Take and Play tracks. Why the company won't make tracks like the wooden tracks(so that the tracks can be built), I don't know. Wish they would!

What were three kinds of businesses that opened in towns along railroad tracks?

You have a big a$$

How are the magnetic levitation tracks built?

Magnetic levitation tracks are built by installing a series of electro magnets along a track. Power is the fed to the magnets which allow the train to ride above the rails and move along at great speeds.

What is an antiparallel force?

Antiparallel forces are forces that act in opposite directions along the same line of action. This means that the forces are equal in magnitude but opposite in direction. In a free-body diagram, antiparallel forces are typically represented using arrows pointing in opposite directions along a straight line.

How do you make minecart tracks in minecraft?

iron ingots along sides, and stick in the middle

Why should you not play on the railway tracks?

why should you not play on railroad tracks? uhh. heres a good one. if a train comes passing by and your walkin along the tracks, BOOM! your dead. and you didnt even see it comin now did ya?

Examples problem in motion along straight line?

A problem in motion along a straight line is a problem that takes place in one dimension. An example problem is an object on a straight conveyor belt.

What is along lines of excellence?

straight and curly