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The number one crop in Florida is Oranges.

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Q: What is the number one revenue source in Florida?
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A major source of revenue of barbados?

The major source of revenue for Barbados is exporting. Sugar was the number one thing. Tourism is also one of the major sources of revenue.

How has Costa Rica benefited from this ecotourism criteria?

Money. tourism (and ecotourism) has made it the number one source of revenue in the country.

Why is income tax important for the government?

income tax is one of the most important source of government revenue. in us around 31% and UK around 29% of government revenue comes from income tax . this is the biggest source of governments revenue. this is only one of many imporatnce.

Why is it important to save Florida panthers?

One reason why it is important to save the Florida Panthers is for the revenue that the team brings into the state and the community.

Where does Florida rank in the horse industry?

No, Florida is ranked number 3 in the USA. Florida has 500,124 horses. Texas is number 1 with 978,822 horses. Kentucky 'The horse capital of the world' is ranked at number 5 with just 320,173 horses.

How important was the income from the land revenue to the stability of the Mughal empire?

The main source of income for the Mughal Emperors was the income from land revenue. Land revenue was calculated after a detailed survey of the cultivated areas and the revenue was collected according to one-third of the produce.

What is a good source of information on internal revenue code?

While one could visit their local library to learn all there is to know about internal revenue code, the internet is a much more convenient source of information. One powerhouse site on the internet, becoming more and more reliable each day, is Wikipedia. It is here that one could be reliably informed on internal revenue code.

Differentiate average revenue and marginal revenue?

Average Revenue: Total revenue divided by the number of units sold. Marginal Revenue: Is the extra revenue that an additional unit of product will bring. It is the additional income from selling one more unit of a good; sometimes equal to price. It can also be described as the change in total revenue ÷ the change in the number of units sold. Relationship: They both are the revenue brought in by, in this case, units sold. They are both used to calculate the total revenue just that marginal is any exrta revenue that the average revenue has left over.

What is the number one violation in Florida?


What is the main source of income of Google?

"The number 1 browser today earns its highest profits and revenues through providing relevant, and informed advertising of its sponsors. Last year this type of revenue brought in the highest profits for the company."

Are a lot of kidnappers in Florida?

Florida is the number one state with the most kidnappings. It's horrible.

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The number one media source in the United Kingdom in the world famous BBC. It is one of the oldest, and the most trusted, source of media information in Great Britain.