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The party platform is the official stance of a party, although individual politicians may have different opinions.

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Q: What is the official stand of a political party called?
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What does the elephant and donkey stand for in the congress?

Elephant = Republican Political Party Donkey = Democratic Political Party

What major political party was born out of the slavery issue?

The Republican party. Before the republican party existed the Whig party, which shortly withered away when slavery was first introduced, it could not stand against the Democratic Party. Thus giving birth to the Republican Party.

Why do you have a primary election?

In a representative form of government, most nations have political parties. Thus, in a General election (that is, the election to chose the government representative), a political party puts forth a member of their party to contest in the election. A political party needs some method for choosing the party member to stand in the General election, and this is what we use Primary elections for.

What is the difference between the Tory party the labor party and the Conservative party in Britain?

The "Tory Party" is a nickname for the Conservative Party, and dates back to before political parties, when conservative members of Parliament were known as the "Tories". The Labour Party is the left wing party, who stand for the working class and believe in more government spending on health, education, infrastructure and benefits, as well as regulation in the economy. The Conservative Party is the right wing party, who stand for the middle class and believe in less government intervention, a free economy, lower taxes and maintaining traditional institutions and values of the United Kingdom.

What did the Prohibition party stand for?

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The official stand of a politcal party is called the?

Party Platform - Gov NovaNet

What does the elephant and donkey stand for in the congress?

Elephant = Republican Political Party Donkey = Democratic Political Party

Where can you find a political party's beliefs about certain issues?

It's called their platform. You can usually find it on the party's website. Or for what they really stand for, Wikipedia is usually reliable.

What does the Indian political party BJP stand for?

it means bharathiya janatha party

GOP stand for what in the political party?

GOP, Grand Old Party, is used by the Republican Party.

What does the acronym BIP stand for?

The acronym BIP can stand for a number of different things. Two examples are Books in Print and the Botswana Independence Party. Books in Print creates listings of available book titles. The political party called the Botswana Independence Party was founded in 1964.

What political party does Sarah Teather stand for?

Sarah Teather is a Liberal Democrat.

Does the speaker of the house of commons stand unopposed?

Yes, the do not have allegiance to a political party.

What does pq stand for in Canada?

Parti Québécois, a national political party that operates only in Québec. It was also the abbreviation for the Province of Québec before 1992, when the official 2-letter abbreviation changed to QC.

What does the Labour Party in Britain stand for?

They used to stand for 'working people' but are now much more in the middle of political opinions.

What did the political party of Alexander Kerensky stand for?

Alexander Kerensky was a member of the Socialist-Revolutionary Party. It was involved in the Russian Revolution.

What does ubp stand for in the Bahamas?

The United Bahamian Party - A political group in the Bahamas