What is the peasants' year?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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June: The hay is harvested. A scythe is used to cut it, and the families help by making little piles of hay. These are turned daily so the grass dries and turns into hay. July/August: The fallow field is ploughed. The crops in the other fields are harvested. Barley and wheat are cut with a sickle and have to be dried before storing or the grain will go bad. The carts are loaded high and the crops are brought in from the fields and stored in the lofts and in the lord’s grain barn. November: The pigs are turned Into the Woods to fatten up on acorns. The grain is threshed (beaten to separate the grain from stalks) in the barns. December: Most of the pigs and some of the other animals are butchered. There is a feast where the peasants eat fresh meat. The rest of the meat is salted and smoked so that it will keep edible through the winter months. January: Work is done preparing for the coming year. Hedges and fences are mended. Work is done round the house. Tools are fixed. Ale is brewed. February: Ploughing is started. The ground is cold and muddy. March: Ploughing is finished. Weeding is done. April/May: The sheep have their lambs, and are turned out to graze in the fallow field. Weeding continues in the other two fields

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Q: What is the peasants' year?
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peasants were paid three chickens a year

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The peasants revolt, Started on the 13th of the month July, Year 1381.

How did the hundred year affected the lives of the peasants?

The hundred years of war made the lives of the peasants more miserable and destabilized them further.

In what year did the Peasants' Revolt begin?

The Peasant's Revolt began in 1381.

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about two to three dollars a year!!

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Any one in year 100

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›This war effected the peasants by the hundred year war made the peasants mad and they want the king to give them back their money and housing. They know the king needs them, for work and they caused riots.

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Peasants!The peasants are revolting!-Yes, but what are the peasants doing?Street beggars are often unsuccessful in their attempts to beg from peasants.

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peasants rarely make revolutions. Peasants are too busy. revolutions are made by the Middle Class - mostly lawyers, with the help of the urban proletariat. In the French revolution, the chief representatives of the peasants wee not even in the Third Estate; they were the country priests. And as they were outvoted even in their own Estate, nobody had to listen to them. besides, revolutions (check his out) happen in the time of year between haymaking and harvest, when peasants are just too busy.

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