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Q: What is the point where all industry is at or near its best production capacity?
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What are the means of production why does the ownership of these divide people?

The means of production are the capital and equipment used to produce goods. Some people believe that economies work best when private entities own the means of production; others believe they work best when the public or the state owns them; yet others argue that they should be owned collectively by those who operate them.Ownership of the means of production is a point of controversy because different ownership structures have implications for the distribution of the economic output produced by capital equipment and land. Whoever owns the means of production receives the passive property income and rental income generated by their operation.

Power is best defined as the capacity to?

get others to act in accordance with your intentions.

Which statement best describes the relationship between the Industrial Revolution and mass production in Great Britain?

Technology developed during the Industrial Revolution allowed for the mass production of goods such as textiles" is the best option. The Industrial Revolution changed the course of economic history.

Which point of view best represents the philosophy of the Renaissance?

The Greek and roman civilizations are worthy of study.

Which example best demonstrates the practice of the US government providing subsidies to American industry?

The U.S governent Encouraging farmers to switch to organic methods by supplying financial support.Financial support is what a subsidy is.

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What is the point where all industry is at or near it's best production capacity?


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An industry is best defined as a group of firms that?

An industry is best described as a group of firms

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