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Prevalence of what? Or is your question, what is the prevalence of developmental disabilities? The answer to the second question is roughly 10% of the United States has one form or another of a developmental disability.

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Q: What is the prevalence among the developmentally disabled?
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Is Developmental Delay A Disabilty?

Developmentally delayed is not a disability, but is a result of a disability. For example an autistic child can be intelectually developmentally disabled or a child with spina bifida can be physically developmentally delayed

What has the author Issam B Amary written?

Issam B. Amary has written Effective meal planning and food preparation for the mentally retarded/developmentally disabled' and The rights of the mentally retarded-developmentally disabled to treatment and education.

What does the medical abbreviation MRDD mean?

Mental Retarded/Developmentally Disabled

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What is an alternative word for retard?

Mentally challenged, learning disabled, developmentally delayed, special needs, learning delayed,...or simply disabled. Retarded and slow are demeaning.

Are you slow?

If someone is slow, it means that they are developmentally disabled. Many people that are slow are still able to have productive lives.

Is the word retard the same as retardation?

no. someone can be called a retard which is slang for someone having mental retardation or is developmentally disabled.

Are there health insurance companies that will allow adult developmentally disabled children to be covered by the parents' policy?

All of them.... see link

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