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for its prevalence of Ohio Buckeye trees, and, as such, Ohioans are also known as "Buckeyes."

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Q: Why is Ohio's nickname the buckeye state?
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What is Ohios state nickname?

The Buckeye state.

Whats Ohios nickname?

The Buckeye State

What is Ohio nickname?

Ohio's nickname is the Buckeye state due to the prevalence of Ohio Buckeye trees within the state's borders.

Which of the United States is the buckeye state?

The state known as the "buckeye state" is Ohio. Ohio's football team is called The Ohio Buckeyes. A buckeye is a nut that grows on a tree called the buckeye tree. Ohio's team is strangely not favored by Michigan and perhaps other states. (I think this is true because they are so good!:) ) I hope this helped! -The Wiki Helpers

What Ohio nickname and how did it get it?

Buckeye State- for all of the many Buckeye trees

What is Ohios state tree?

The scarlet carnation is the state flower of Ohio.

What is the nickname of Ohio?

so tell me what is the Ohio steat nick name

Whats state's nickname was named after the buckeye tree?


What is the nickname for the sports teams of The Ohio State University?

The Ohio State University sports teams are normally called the Buckeyes. Incidentally, the term "buckeye" is used to refer to Ohioans in general.

What is the Ohio State University football team's nickname?

The Ohio State University mascot is Brutus Buckeye.

How did the Ohio Buckeyes get their name?

The Buckeye Tree, is the state tree of Ohio, Ohio State University, being the official state University of Ohio, used the name of the State tree (Buckeye Tree) for their official athletic nickname.

What is the meaning of the word buckeye?

The word "buckeye" can sometimes refer to the state of Ohio. Alternatively, it can mean a tree found in North America; this tree is commonly found in Ohio which explains how the state got its nickname. The tree bears fruit, and "buckeye" is also the name given to these fruits.