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The Buckeye state would be Ohio.

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Q: Which state is the buckeye state?
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What is Ohios state nickname?

The Buckeye state.

What state is called the buckeye state?

Ohio is called The Buckeye State.

Which of the United States is the buckeye state?

The state known as the "buckeye state" is Ohio. Ohio's football team is called The Ohio Buckeyes. A buckeye is a nut that grows on a tree called the buckeye tree. Ohio's team is strangely not favored by Michigan and perhaps other states. (I think this is true because they are so good!:) ) I hope this helped! -The Wiki Helpers

What is Ohio nickname?

Ohio's nickname is the Buckeye state due to the prevalence of Ohio Buckeye trees within the state's borders.

What is the Buckeye State?

Ohio is called The Buckeye State.

Why is Ohio called the buckeye state?

it is called the buckeye state because most out of all of the trees are buckeye trees

What is the nickname of Ohio?

so tell me what is the Ohio steat nick name

What is the capital of buckeye state?

Ohio is known as "the buckeye state." The buckeye is Ohio's official state tree. Columbus is the capital and largest city in Ohio.

What is the Ohio tree?

The state tree of Ohio is the buckeye. This tree was designated the state tree in 1953 and Ohio is sometimes called the Buckeye State.

What is the Buckeye state that is on the shores of Lake Erie?

Ohio is usually considered to be the Buckeye State.

What is a buckeye?

1) The buckeye is a nut that is inedible and grows on a buckeye tree. 2) A Buckeye is a person born in Ohio 3) A Buckeye is a fan of Ohio State football

What is Ohio known as?

The Buckeye state the Amish state the red state the Bengal state