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The country was formerly called "Burma."

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Q: What is the previous name of Myanmar?
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What is previous name of Myanmar?

The country was formerly called "Burma."

Is myanmar previous name of Bangladesh?

No, Myanmar is the modern name of Burma. Bangladesh used to be part of the British India and was established in 1947.After WW II.

What is the modern name for what used to be Burma?

The Union of Myanmar, or Myanmar for short.

What is the old name of myanmar?

Burma is the older name for Myanmar.

The word "Myanmar" means?

It means 'faith to the lord' in latin.Nonsense. It is not Latin at all. It is the name designated by the military junta when they took power to replace the previous international name of their country, which had been Burma.

What is another name given for myanmar on maps?

you can often find another name given to Myanmar on a map what is it?

What other name is the country of Burma know as?

The Republic of the Union of Myanmar

What do you call people living in Myanmar?

Myanmar is another name for the country of Burma... Therefore they would be called Honduran

What is the proper adjective for a person of Myanmar?

Since the original name of Myanmar is Burma the people of Myanmar are still being called as Burmese. refers to it's people as 'Myanmar people'.

What is the current name of bramhadesh?


What is the new name Burma?


Old name of myanmar?