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The Public service view citizenship as helpful as the citizens who help tackle crime by being witnesses, reporting crime, and actively doing something helps the Police convict and get justice for crimes done. Also, Citizens who help the local community like running clubs for youths and getting them involved in productive stuff helps keep them off the street and crime lower.

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The public services usually view the citizenry as a client. That is because the public service is meant to provide services and avail goods that are paid for by the citizenry.

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Q: What is the public services view of citizenship?
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A legal view, e.g. a person with rights of residence; views of citizenship by different organisations in society, e.g. public services, religious groups, pressure groups including "Amnisty International" and "Greenpeace".

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It doesn't.Another View: It MAY. If the citizenship candidate has a substantial criminal record it may delay or deny them the privilege of citizenship (in the US).

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Answer*Content Removed - Due to Copyright *

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