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I don't really know what 'land that was reclaimed' you mean, there are multiple areas where first was water and now is land.

But if you mean "de Zuiderzee", there where first was sea and now is land (the biggest area that was reclaimed): The Dutch build a big dike (called "de Afsluitdijk"), making "de Zuiderzee" a lake and no longer a part of the sea. This lake, which was and still is called "het IJsselmeer" isn't completely made into land however, only some of the southern parts and some other smaller parts around the lake. These southern parts of the former "Zuiderzee" that now lie there are called "Flevoland" and the "Noordoostpolder".

And if you simply mean how any reclaimed land would be called in the Netherlands, they usually call it a polder.

I hope this answers the question.

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Q: What is the reclaimed land in the Netherlands called?
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What is land reclaimed from sea especially in the Netherlands?

in the Netherlands we call reclaimed land "polders"

What are the areas of land in Netherlands that have been reclaimed from below sea level called?


How do the Netherlands keep getting bigger?

Land is being reclaimed from the sea.

What country has reclaimed a great amount of land from the North Sea?

The Netherlands

What countries contain the most land reclaimed from the sea and poldered?

the netherlands

40 percent of what land has been reclaimed from the North Sea?


What country reclaimed land from sea to enlarge to enlarge their borders?

The Netherlands

Which country in Europe created more land for itself?

The Netherlands has reclaimed land from the sea to create more land for itself.

What European nation has much of its land reclaimed from the North Sea?

The NetherlandsThe NetherlandsThe Netherlands

What country has reclaimed the land from the sea to enlarge their borders?

The Netherlands is known for reclaiming land from the sea to enlarge its borders through a process called poldering. This has been done for centuries to increase the country's habitable land and protect against flooding.

What Europe country has polders reclaimed from the sea?

The European nation that has had much land reclaimed from the sea is the Netherlands. Much of the nation is below sea level and is protected by a vast system of dikes that hold the water back.

Why was the land reclaimed from the sea?

Land reclamation from the sea is often done to create additional land for development purposes such as building infrastructure, agriculture, or urban expansion. It can also be used to protect existing land from erosion or flooding.