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Raise the flag briskly to the top of the pole. Pause for just a second, then slowly lower the flag until it is in the center of the pole (literally half staff).

Lowering the flag from half staff is the exact opposite. Raise the flag to full staff, pause for a second, then slowly lower the flag all the way.

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Q: What is the right way to raise a flag half staff?
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How is the flag raised to half staff?

The way you do it is when you attach the flag to the halyard, raise it all the way up and hesitate for a second before you bring it down to half-staff. If it is already up, simply bring it down to half-staff. You never attach the flag to the halyard and simply raise it to half-staff. It always goes to the top first.

Is flag flown at half staff at the Alamo?

I was just there today and it and the Texas flag were both being flown at half staff

When the US flag is at half mast should the Papal flag also be at half mast?

The Papal flag should be full staff

What day is the flag half mast until noon?

It's half-staff, not half mast (I made the same mistake earlier today). The United States Flag Code calls for the U. S. flag to be flown at half-staff only until noon only on Memorial Day. Every other day on which the flag is flown at half-staff, it is until sunset.

How long should the flag be flown at half-staff when the president dies?

It should be held at half-staff for a week.

How long should flag be flown at half staff when president dies?

It should be held at half-staff for a week.

Is the US the only country with a half staff flag?

Half-staffing a flag to represent mourning is an international custom.

Why is flag flown at half staff on Mackinac Island Michigan?

The flag is always flow at half staff due to the location of Post Cemetary. This is one of four Cemetaries in the US where the flag is permanently flown at half mast. It is an old tradition.

Rules for flying the American flag at half staff?

What are the rules about flying the American Flag

Why is the flag flown at half staff until noon on Memorial Day then raised to full staff?

On Memorial Day, the flag flies at half staff for only the first half of the day to honor the war dead. At noon it is raised to full staff to show that the nation lives.

Where is the US flag never flown at half staff?

The moon

How long should a flag be at half staff after the president dies?