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Poppies are a wild flower, we wear them because in the war, there were poppies on the battleground.

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In addition to their symbolic use in connection with Veterans' Day, poppies are used to get poppy seeds, used in foods, and to make opium and other drugs of abuse.

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Q: What is the used for poppies?
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What are poppies used for?

Poppies are a decorative flower, and they are also a source of opium, and of edible poppy seeds.

How many poppies are used in wreath laid By queen?


Can you give me a sentence using the Word poppy in it?

Poppies are used to celebrate November 11th. Poppy's favorite flowers were poppies. The red poppies popped against the green field. The poppies were wild flowers.

What is the collective noun for poppies?

A collective noun for poppies is a field of poppies.

Do they use poppies for days other than a.n.z.a.c day?

Yes. Poppies are also used for Remembrance Day, or Armistice Day, on 11 November.

What is the purpose of poppies?

The purpose of poppies is for the people who died in the wars to make peace.

Why were poppies sacred to Demeter?

Mekon was mortal, but poppies represent the goddess Demeter as the bringer of sleep or death. Poppies were used in Greco-Roman myths as offerings to the dead: a second meaning of the depiction and use of poppies in the Greco-Roman myths is the symbolism of the bright scarlet colour as signifying the promise of resurrection after death.

What plant is used to make the illegal drug?

For Heroin Opium Poppies.

Why do you wear poppies as your symbol?

Because they used to plant poppies around the crosses of the dead soldiers. As it says in flanders fields: Red poppies grew in the bomb blasted earth on the WW1 battlefields in such profusion that the red poppy was adopted to honour the dead.

What do poppies reprsent?

poppies symbolizes peace and war.

What is the singular of poppies?

The singular form of poppies is poppy.

What is a poppy used for?

In the runup to Rembrance Day, 11th November, we wear poppies to represent the fact that after World War One, the only thing that grew in the war fields was poppies.