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Well in the old days, it was New England, the Great Lakes Region, all of lower England, French coast, Germany, and the West Coast cities. The United States along with Europe were the main industrial centers up until after World War 2. In the war, the great Industrial capacity of Europe was wiped out, and America stood alone as the great industrial powerhouse of the world. But as Asia began to be increasingly exposed to modern ideas, politics, and technology, Asia began to crave modern conveniences.

At home, The U.S went through a period of de-industrialization. To put it simply, it was too expensive for huge amounts of cheap goods to be made in America. The reason was that the government would not allow workers to be cheated and exploited, which is what made the most profit for Corporations. This plus fair and equal regulation created a situation where the most profit was not being made. This same scenario played out in many already modernized countries in the America's and Europe.

But Asia was just beginning to develop, whereas the western countries had already exploited the rest of the world to achieve status as post-industrial societies. For this reason Asia is still behind on many issues, like Workers rights, caring for the Environment, Democracy. It is a situation akin to the 19th century trying to get along with the 21st century, except that 21st century technology continues to twist and accelerate the already rapid developement of Asia.

This has created huge social, economic, and environmental problems. Many western Corporations and new Corporations in the east began to see the potential of massive populations in Asia. Because of this, there existed no incentives to revolt or demand more rights like the Americans had, and the governments there were not really Democratic and supported the Corporations. Workers in Asia care only to have jobs, and they know that even if a million of them refused to work, there would be millions more willing to take their place, and at lower wages.

These factors have combined to create a situation where Asia, especialy China and the countries along the Pacific and Indian Oceans, are the most industrialized areas in the world. The rest of the world does not put ethics ahead of so called "progress" and so as long as cheap goods continue to flow in to support our lavish and high maintenance lifestyle, there is little to no outcry at the suffering of these poor workers, or the environmental damage created by this situation.

So to recap, all this means that Asia, mainly China and India, are the most productive regions in the world, and despite inevitably catastrophe, the situation remains unchanged today.

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Q: What is the world's most productive post-industrial complexes?
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