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I wouldn't think so.

Chevy is not used in many countries.

I would think that "Cocal-Cola" or the ribbon would be the most recognized corporate logo but of non-corporate logos I think the Red Cress/Red Crescent symbol would be.

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Q: What is the world's most recognized logo?
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Most widely recognized logo in the world?


What is the worlds most famous logo?

the worlds most famous logo is probaly cococola because it has the makes the most bottles a day over 3 million. so as my guess would be right!

What is the worlds most recognized company name?

coca cola

What is the most recognized logo nike swoosh or McDonald's?

probably mcdonalds

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The Visa logo is recognized around the globe in developed nations. They have a very high level of brand proliferation, therefore, most people associate their logo with the Visa company.

What is the red cross internationally recognized for?

it's logo

What is the shape of the Chevvy gril emblem?

The shape of the Chevy emblem is a side ways bow tie or elongated cross. The Chevy logo is one of the most recognized logos in the world. The logo dates back to 1913.

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puma is a very effective logo because with this logos uniqueness it is easily recognized and also cause of its simplicity. the puma logo is easily recognized because the logo itself is an animal called a puma or also known as a cougar also th elogo of puma with the actual word puma in it is good as well cause it is obvious it is puma if it says puma

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