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when he hits puberty

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Q: What is the youngest age a boy can make a baby?
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What age is the Guinness record for youngest baby to walk?

The Guinness World Record for the youngest baby to walk is held by a child who started walking at just 6 months and 10 days old, achieved by a boy named Xavier King in 2010.

What is the youngest age i can get an Alaskan malamute as a puppy and can i get 2 puppies of Alaskan malamute a girl and a boy?

The youngest age an Alaskan Malamute can be before you can get one is 6 weeks. You can get a boy and girl if you are able to care for them both.

Who is the youngest One Direction boy?

Harry Styles is the youngest One Direction member at 18 years of age.

Who is the youngest rower EVER to compete in the Olympics?

the youngest rower was believed to be dutch boy around the age of 7-9. He was a gold medallist and they havent recorded his name and age.

You have 20 month baby boy his length is 87cm is that normail for his age?

baby boy at 20 months his length is 87cm is that normal for his age

How old was the youngest boy in World War 1 from Australia?

12 years of age

Is Michael Jackson the youngest boy in the family?

Randy is the youngest boy, Michael is the second youngest.

Who and at what age was the youngest scratch golfer?

Me (Daniel List and a boy called andy zhang (We were 9)

What is the youngest age a boy or a girl can get married in Hawaii?

15 with parental consent, 18 without.

How do you make a boy baby?

The same way you make a girl baby

What age is the youngest person to complete London marathon?

the youngest person to complete the london marathon was Ryder Hussey a 13 year old boy from Wales...

What is the youngest age in history to have a baby?

The youngest girl to get pregnant was lina medina, a 5 year old peruvian girl.