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Q: What is whether a publication leans to the left or right politically?
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Is whether a publication leans to the left or the right politically.?


What is the difference between left and right hug?

In a left hug each person leans to their left positioning their head above the right shoulder of the person directly across from them. In a right hug, each leans to their right and so forth.

What building does the Leaning Tower of Pisa lean toward?

it leans toward the right i belive

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It leans to the south. It would depend on where you're looking to determine left or right.

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A right circular cone is perfectly balanced on its circular base. Imagine a cone that has a circular base, but leans to one side - this is a non right circular cone.

Is Embrace a Christian band?

Some of their music leans in the direction of Christianity, but does not that I know of, come right out and say it.

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In Europe, people generally regard Germany as politically 'middle-of-the-road'.

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UK ..................ok I did not write this answer, but whoever did is NOT right!! This answer is Crap!!

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The right response should be: "I have accepted your apology". Or "I have noted your apology"

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No, he is a centrist Democrat; he leans left on social issues, and right on issues of national security. By all accounts, he has always been a Democrat.