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The total # is 435 members!

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Q: What it is the total number of representatives on U.S?
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What is the total number of representatives in the us?

Answer435 representatives.

The total number US representatives?


About what percent of the total US House of Representatives is from Louisiana?

Following the 2010 Census, Louisiana has 6 representatives in the House, which is about 1.4% of the total number of congressmen.

Total number of representatives congressional delegation in Hawaii?

There are 51 State Representatives and two US Representatives.

What is the total number of Tennessee Representatives?

The US House has nine and the State House has 99.

Total number of members in the US House of Representatives for state New York?

There are 29.

What is the total number of US Representatives and US Senators and Supreme Court justices added together?

435 Members of the House of Representatives 100 Members of Senate 009 Justices of the Supreme Court 544 Total

Total number in the house of reps?

The total number of Representatives in congress is 435

Has South Dakota always had one representative in the US House of Representatives?

South Dakota only has one US representative in Congress because there are only about 800,000 people in South Dakota. Each US state has one US Representative, then the rest are determined by population. The total number of voting representatives allowed by law is 435.

How many state reps are there in the us?

There are a total of 435 members in the United States House of Representatives. Each state is allocated a certain number of representatives based on its population.

What is the total number of representatives allowed?


What is the total number of representatives in state's congressional delegation in Oregon?

The Oregon House of Representatives is a 60 member body within the Oregon Legislative Assembly. Oregon also has five members in the US House of Representatives.