What kind of skills did scribes have?

Updated: 8/22/2023
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Scribes were extremely important people in ancient times, and it was indeed because they had certain skills most of the population did not.

Foremost, they could write. Most of the population in the ancient world could not do this, let alone afford papyrus, parchment, quills, or inks of any kind.

This would also mean that many scribes were skilled at what we call "calligraphy", as well as being practiced at the arts of drawing and embellishing scripts. Ancient hand-copied Christian and Muslim holy books, for example, are well-known for the intricate designs and drawings that scribes endowed them with.

Many were also skilled at reading the language they participated in writing, which was also uncommon in eras when most of the non-royalty and non-nobility were illiterate.

Finally, a less commonly thought-of skill is the ability to do mathematics. Though it's likely that most scribes needed only reading and writing abilities, at various times scribes would be needed to keep records of money, business transactions, amounts of goods, births or deaths, and debts and loans. Often, these more specialised workers would need to be able to perform mathematics to accurately keep records.

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Well artifacts are things made by people normally ancient people so if you will be making a project at school you can do a stick cut to look like a pen and get a flat rock to put writing on such as hieroglyphics with black paint or sharpie and you can look up how to do hieroglyphics and pretend like its writing so thats what I'm going too do :)


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Q: What kind of skills did scribes have?
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