What language is anorak?

Updated: 8/19/2023
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it is inuit from greenland

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Q: What language is anorak?
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What does the word anorak mean in French language?

In French, the word "anorak" refers to a waterproof jacket with a hood, often used for outdoor activities. It comes from the Inuit language and has been adopted into French to describe this specific type of garment.

What language does the word anorak come from?

The word "anorak" is believed to come from the Greenlandic Inuit word "anoraq," which refers to a traditional waterproof jacket made from animal skin or a similar material.

What is the origin of the word anorak?

the language is Inuitand it comes from Greenland - i think so

What country did the word anorak come from?

Actually it comes from Greenland and the language is Inuit.

The origin of the word anorak?

anorak originated fromlatin and meant bullfrogs skin first what a rubbish answer.. Anorak comes from the Inuit word 'annoraaq' meaning a waterproof hooded jacket used by Greenland Eskimo's. Brought into the English language 1920/1925

How do you use anorak in a sentence?

I enjoy wearing my Anorak.

What is an anorak?

An anorak is a heavy weatherproof jacket with a hood.

What country did the word anorak origin from?

What country is the word anorak from

How do you say anorak in french?

anorak (it's the same as English)

What did Anorak originally mean before it meant jacket?

An anorak is a type of jacket (similar to a parka) from Inuit language, originally without a front opening, with a lined hood to protect the face. So, an anorak is a specific type of jacket, and retains that meaning even if extended to other types of cold- or wet- weather covering.

Make sentence with the word anorak?

It was raining so he put on his anorak.

Where did the word 'anorak' originate from?

the word anorak come from the word parka