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It helps create jobs, fortune, power, and all the qualities that makes a strong bond with unity in it's support system, thus, making a better and more organized nation! (unlike America) XD

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Q: What make a good government?
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Why the government make laws?

To control how people behave, for the common good.

What is good sentence for parliamentary government?

The fact that we now have a hung parliamentary government, should make for some interesting and lively debates.

How does education affect the government?

education affects the government because people need the basis education in order to make good decisions about the economy and government and if there is little or bad education the government won't be stable

Did Sir Francis Drake make good deeds?

Yes, serving england and travelling the seas for his government.

What was the stated purpose of the Mayflower Compact?

that the government would make "just and equal laws" for the good of the community

Is oligarchy a good government?

Its not a very good form of government.

What role did people have in democracy?

People have the role to make sure the government works for the common good, protects them, and serves them. They need to vote and to make sure the people they elect serves the common good.

Why does it take so long to make a law?

Because they have to make sure every part of the government agrees with the law and make sure they have a good reason to propose the law

What is council form of municipal government?

Most cities have a mayor council form of government. Both the mayor and the council are elected and make decisions that are based on the good of the city.

What Kind of Government does Chile Have and who makes the decisions for this country?

a real good one and dogs make the decisions for this country

Who make your laws?

If you are talking about the British laws the Government makes them

Is US government evil?

No. A government is a means to structure a society, but sometimes the people in a government do bad things. As a whole the US government is pretty good. It is up to the citizens to keep tabs on the people they elect to make sure they are doing what they are suppose to be doing.