What makes up the senate?

Updated: 8/19/2023
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Two senators from each of the 50 states, obviously adding up to 100 senators. Also, within the senate are committtees and sub-committes.

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Q: What makes up the senate?
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Who makes up the senate leadership?

Well the senate i guess -_-

What group makes up the legislative branch?

The Senate and The House of Representatives.

What branch of government makes up The house of representatives and the senate?


Who makes up the legislative branch of New Jersey?

the senate and the general assembly

Who makes up the California judicial branch?

Umm the government of the senate I guess

What two chambers make up the Georgia general assembly?

the senate and house of representatives makes up congress.

What is the US senate made up of?

The real question would be, "Who makes up the US Senate?" In that case, it is made up of 2 representatives from each state. Usually there is one Democrat and one Republican.

What was the legislative branch job?

made up of the house of reps and the senate, the legislative branch makes laws or legislation

Who makes up the legislature of South Dakota?

The South Dakota Senate has 35 members and the House has 70 members.

What makes the Legislative Branch up?

In United States of America, legislative branch is make up the Senate and the House of Representatives, which is also known as congress.

What makes-up Illinois state Legislature?

The Illinois General Assembly contains the Illinois Senate and the Illinois House of Representatives.

Who makes up the local government in Colorado?

This is the head of Colorado's local Government * Governor ** Bill Ritter * Senate ** Ted Harvey * House of Representatives ** Frank McNulty