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Security Clearance

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Q: What must a potential employee pass in order to be employed by the government?
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What must a potential employee pass in order to be empolyeed by the government?

new york yankees

When an employee goes on Family Medical Leave is there a waiting period in order for the employee to receive a paycheck?

An employee on FMLA leave is EMPLOYED and on the payroll. The leave may ne paid or unpaid, as the employee wishes, and paychecks come as often as other payroll employees.

Can a barangay official work on government agencies as a Job Order Employee?

no! It will be dual compensation and It is prohibited by our law

In order to work for the USPS, do they have to do a background investigation on you?

Yes it is usually there policy to run a background check on their potential employee's. They look for any felonies that you may have had in the past.

What type of degree is needed to have a jobs sales marketing job?

There is no degree necessary to have a job in sales marketing. Some companies will require a potential candidate to have a degree in order to get a job in marketing, but there are several companies out there which do not require a potential employee to have a degree to obtain a career in marketing.

How might a managers use the grapevine to their benefit?

Managers might use the grapevine to their benefit in order to find out about any employee dissatisfaction. They can also find out about potential problems that are occurring in areas of the company.

How long can an employee be terminated for before a general district court garnishment for medical is voided?

The reasoning behind this question is more important than the question itself. The garnishment remains in effect indefinitely. The employer will need to certify to the court that the employee is no longer employed in order to stop payment. The state tax records will usually be reviewed periodically to see where the employee is working and a new garnishment issued at their place of employment.

What is Function to sort the given employee numbers in decreasing order.?


What is direct orders?

A Direct Order given by a supervisor to an employee who is a Union member is a very specific thing which must be verbalized in a specific manner. The supervisor MUST say "I am giving you a Direct Order." AND MUST tell the employee what will happen if the order is not obeyed. (what discipline will result). The only reason an employee can disobey is if the order was to do something illegal or would put the employee in immediate danger. Otherwise if the employee disagrees with the order they must obey and then they can grieve it later. Obey now, grieve later...

An employer asks an employee that I can count on you to?

If an employer asks an employee if that employer can count on him or her, the answer should be yes. An employee must be reliable in order to benefit the employer.

What was developed in order to keep order in a society?

a government a government a government

What does an employee need in order to perform a mastectomy?

A doctor.