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Germany. it is a German freeway ----

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Q: What nation freeway system is called the autoban?
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What nation freeway system called the autoban?

Germany. it is a German freeway ----

What was the freeway numbering system?

The freeway numbering system was developed in 1957. In this system, continental US states are assigned a one or two-digit number that is less than 100.

When was the Oregon trail modernized?

The Oregon trail never was modernized. Some parts of the freeway system do follow some of the trail. The current freeway system began in the 1950's.

What is the freeway of parallel connections that allowa internal and external components of the system unit to communicate?


Napoleons policy called the continental system was created to?

Napoleon Bonaparte created the continental system in order to weaken Britain's economy. The system forbid any nation in Europe from trading with Britain.

What does the German word bahn mean?

Bahn means railway. Die Bahn. There is also "die Fahrbahn" which simply means the roadway and of course "die Autobahn" which refers to the freeway system in Germany. The railway system can also be called "die Eisenbahn", which literally translates to "iron tracks".

Which system involves total government control of a nation's economy?

Communism is the political system that called for government control of the economy.

How did the US look when Grover Cleveland was the President?

Very much like it is today, but with 48 stars on the flag and no interstate freeway system.

Who Does not have a two house legislature?

Nebraska's legislature is unique among all state legislatures in the nation because it has a single-house system. it is called unicameral.

What nation developed metric system?


Name the system of internal improvements designed to unite the nation?

American system

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The motto of University of Perpetual Help System DALTA is 'Character Building is Nation Building'.