What party was Ali Moses elected?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The party that Ali Moses was elected by was the NRM.

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Q: What party was Ali Moses elected?
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What party was Balyeku Moses Grace elected?

Balyeku Moses Grace was elected into the parliament of Uganda on NRM party.

Which party was ali hassan joho elected on?

Ali Hassan Joho the governor of Mombasa county was elected on the Orange Democratic Party ticket.

When was Moses Ali born?

Moses Ali was born on 1939-04-05.

What is the email address of Ali Moses?

The email address of Ali Moses is

What is the political party of mohammed ali ndume?

The political party of Mohammed Ali Ndume is the People's Democratic Party.

Was Ali Abdullah Saleh elected president?

Yes, he is the president of Yemen and he was elected.

Which electoral district is the party leader elected from?

It is elected from green party

What party was Amoit Judith Mary elected?

The party that elected Amoit Judith was the BNP party.

Who is the elected senator of bungoma county?

Moses Wetangula is the elected senator of the county of Bungoma.

What party was Amali Caroline Okao elected?

The party that Amali Caroline Okao was elected by the Independent party.

What party was Amero Susan elected?

NPM was the party that Amero Susan elected by into parliament.

What party wasAmongin Jacquiline elected?

NRM was the party that helped to elected Amongin Jacquiline.