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56 men from all over the colonies signed the Declaration of Independence.

Of these:

-3 were from Delaware (Read, Rodney, and McKean, all born in the colonies)

-9 were from Pennsylvania (Clymer, Franklin, Rush, Morton, and Ross, all born in the colonies, R.Morris, born in England, J. Smith and Taylor, born in Ireland, and Wilson, born in Scotland)

-5 were from Massachusetts (J. and S. Adams, Hancock, Gerry, and Paine, all from Massachusetts)

-3 were from New Hampshire (Whipple and Bartlett, from the colonies, and Thornton, from Ireland)

-2 from Rhode Island (Ellery and Hopkins, both from Rhode Island)

-4 from New York (L. Morris, Livingston, and Floyd, all from New York, and Lewis, from Wales)

-3 from Georgia (Gwinnett, from England, and Walton and Hall, from the colonies)

-7 from Virginia (R.H. and F.L. Lee, Harrison, Braxton, Jefferson, Wythe, and Nelson, all Virginians)

- 3 from North Carolina (Hooper, Hewes, and Penn, all colonial)

- 4 from South Carolina (Rutledge, Lynch, Heyward, and Middleton, all South Carolinians)

-5 from New Jersey (Clark, Hopkinson, Stockton, and Hart, all colonial men, and Witherspoon, from England)

-4 from Connecticut (Sherman, Huntington, Wolcott, and Williams, all from the colonies)

-4 from Maryland (Carroll, Chase, Paca, and Stone, all Marylanders)

This gives a total of:

-48 native Colonial men,

-3 Englishmen (R. Morris, Gwinnett, and Witherspoon)

-3 Irishmen (J. Smith, Taylor, and Thornton)

-1 Scotsman (Wilson), and

-1 Welshman (Lewis)

For percentages of:

-85.7% Colonial

-5.36% English

-5.36% Irish

-1.79% Scottish

-1.79% Welsh

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Q: What percent of delegates were English?
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