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Rutherford B. Hayes during the Civil War. (I thought it was Washington, but he had only two.)

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Q: What president had 4 horses shot out from under him in battle?
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Was Sherman wounded in battle?

Sherman was wounded in battle. He was wounded in the hand during the Battle of Shiloh. In addition, he had two horses shot out from under him.

Was Sam Houston wounded during the Battle of San Jacinto?

Yes, he had two horses shot out from under him and was wounded in the leg.

How many horses were shot under Edward Braddock?


How did George not die from the french vs Indian war?

If you mean Washington he was lucky. He had 3 horses shot from under him.

Who had 4 horses shot out from under him during the civil war?

William Sherman

How many horses were shot under Nathan Bedford Forrest?

Twenty Nine

When was Rutherford Hayes shot?

1862, at the Battle of South Mountain, some 15 years before he was President.

Was George Washington ever injured in combat?

Miraculously not. He had horses shot out from under him, and found bullet holes in his coat after battles, but was never actually shot or otherwise wounded.

How did George Washington get saved from assassination?

Nobody tried to assassinate him. He is the only US President who was elected unanimously. During the American Revolution, British troops tried to shoot him in combat, but missed. (But shot horses out from under him, more than once.)

How are horses sedated?

by a shot.

What president got shot and then that person who shot the president shot himself?

no presidents got shot

When did Battle Flip Shot happen?

Battle Flip Shot happened in 1998.