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Washington. Jackson, and Buchanan did not father any children.

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Washington, Jackson, and Buchanan.

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Q: What president had no children?
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Which American president's had African American children?

which president had children by slaves

What are the names of the US President's children?

President Obama's children are Malia & Natasha.

What American president had the most children?

President John Tyler had 15 children.

Which president had 13 children?

President John Tyler had the most children with 13 in total.

Were any of his children President?

Whose children?

Who was the first president to have children?

First president- George Washington and Martha did not have any children between them but Martha had a son and daughter by a previous marriage. Both children died young. Second president- John Adams was the first president to have children. One of his children John Quincy Adams also became president.

What US president had the most children?

John Tyler had 15 children with his two wives.John Tyler, 10th President: 1841-1845Tyler was the president with the most children-he had 15

Who is the first president to have a daughter or a son?

John Adams, the second president, had children, one of whom became President. The first President, Washington, was seemingly unable to father children.

Which president cut his children out his will?

James Monroe cut his children out of his will.

Number of children of President Wilson?

President Woodrow Wilson had a total of 3 children during his lifetime. His children's names were Margaret, Jesse, and Eleanor.

Did Grover Cleveland have children while president?

President Cleveland had 5 children- 2 boys and 3 girls

What US President had 10 children?

John Tyler had 14 children - I do not think any president had exactly 10 .

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