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James A. Garfield (1831-1881) was shot by Charles Guiteau, a frustrated would-be diplomat, on Saturday, July 2, 1881, less than four months after Garfield took office. Garfield died 11 weeks later, on Friday, September 19, 1881. Guiteau thought he deserved an appointment as ambassador to France and when refused ,he made such a nuisance of himself at the White House that eventually he was told not to come back again. He then decided to shoot the President.

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The president who was assassinated by a disappointed office seeker was James Garfield. The man who killed him was Charles Guiteau who had wanted a federal appointment .

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Jame A. Garfield

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Q: What president was assassinated by an office seeker?
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Which president was assassinated by disgruntled office-seeker charles gulteau?

James Garfield was assassinated by Charles Gulteau.

What president was assassinated by disgruntled office-seeker Charles Guiteau?

James A. Garfield

What president was assassinated by a mentally disturbed office-seeker?

That describes Charles Guiteau, who shot President James Garfield.

What president was assassinated by a person who wanted patronage?

President James Garfield was assassinated by a rejected Federal office seeker

Who was first president to be assassinated in office?

Abraham Lincoln

What was John F Kennedy's life after he was president?

He was assassinated in office.

What is a political office seeker?

political office seeker

What 4 us presidents where killed and why?

Abraham Lincoln--assassinated by a Confederate sympathizer James Garfield--assassinated by a disgruntled office seeker William McKinley--assassinated by an anarchist John F. Kennedy--assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald in a still-obscure chain of events

Is there an Office of the President-Elect?

Yes, there is an Office of the President-Elect, it was authorized by the Presidential Transition Act of 1963 (after JFK was assassinated).

Which president was assassinated after 100 days in office?

James Garfield was the man.

Was Lincoln impeach?

He was assassinated. Lincoln was assassinated less than 2 months after taking office for his second term. When Lincoln was assassinated, his Vice President, Andrew Johnson became President. In May of 1868, Andrew Johnson was impeached; he was the first US President to be impeached. The Senate did not confirm the impeachment, and therefore he was not removed from office. Johnson left the Presidency in disgrace.

Who was the 2nd assassinated president?

Presidents Lincoln, Garfield, McKinley, and Kennedy were assassinated while in office. None were assassinated -IN- the White House.