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Subsequent to California's admission in 1850, the following presidents were elected without carrying it. Garfield (1880), Cleveland( 1884), Wilson (1912), Kennedy (1960), Carter (1976), and GW Bush (2000 and 2004).

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Q: What presidents lost the state of California?
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Have any presidents been elected from the state of California?


Which 2 Presidents were from the same state?

There are 8 states that have produced at least 2 Presidents. They are: 7 Presidents - New York 6 Presidents - Ohio 5 Presidents - Virginia 3 Presidents - Massachusetts, Tennessee, and California 2 Presidents - Illinois, and Indiana

What two presidents were governors of California?

The U.S. Presidents from California were Herbert Hoover and Ronald Reagan. Former President Richard Nixon ran as a candidate from California but lost that election. Before winning the presidency he had moved to New York.

What state has the most servicemen?

California lost over 5,000 men in Vietnam; the highest of any state.

What state has most servicemen?

California lost over 5,000 men in Vietnam; the highest of any state.

Two us presidents where born in what southwest state?

Texas was the birthplace of Ike and LBJ.

When was California found?

California was never found and remains lost to this day. Joao Rodrigez Cabrilho is a Portuguese explorer credited with being the first European to "find" California. While the Portuguese were insisting they found California the natives started complaining how they lost California, in a manner of speaking. The lost and found department has never been kept busier by any other state than that of California. The United States that had found California then lost California to the Confederacy but found it again after the civil war. Oddly enough, Pio Pico, the last Mexican Governor of California who lost California to the American invasion was a supporter of the Union. After the war, the Union that finally found the lost California eventually lost it to the socialists and filmmakers who created a mystical haze over the borders of California and hid her from all the world to see, and now she is lost and gone for ever just like darling Clementine.

Which state is called the President's state?

There is not a state called the Presidents state. There is a state known as the Mother of Modern Presidents and that is Ohio.

Were any US Presidents from Maine?

Maine was neither the birth state nor the home state of any U. S. President to date (2012). The last Mainer to run for President with one of the major parties was James Blaine in 1884, but he lost.

What presidents were senators and of what state?

LBJ, Texas, JFK, Massachusetts, Ford, Michigan, Nixon, California, Bush 41, Texas, Obama Illinois

Which state has lost the most soldiers in Iraq?

It's either California or Texas, not sure which, but one or the other. It's more significant to say which state lost the most soldiers per capita, since California and Texas are mostly on the list due to their very large populations. Two years ago VT had lost more soldiers per capita than any other state. California and Texas were not even close.

Which state gave us the most presidents?

Virginia is the home state to the most presidents.